Set Design

Birdcage prop and demountable set walls with white shadow boxing produced for clients ‘Burlesque Birdcage’ themed photoshoot.

Giant throne prop with carpet tiles and black curtains produced for ‘Gold’ Shoot Day.

Giant ball-pit created for clients Bathtub Beauties photoshoot. Created inside freestanding bath tub, with digital composition for extension of balls.

Wet set created for Fire & Ice Shoot Day. Set was constructed with solid wood, tapping, sprinkler system & black sheets. Sprinkler system, provided water misting to highlight gel coloured background lighting.

Giant doll box prop created for clients cosplay Patreon site. Box is constructed out of 5mm foam core board, 25mm styrene boarding, paint & cardboard.

Padded Cell created for clients personal creative photoshoot. Padded cell is constructed with wool insulation boards, covered in sheeting & old buttons, with mattress flooring.

Set was designed for clients jewellery photoshoot. Set comprised of demountable panel walls & velvet throne chair prop.

Set was designed for ‘Rainbow Ladies’ shoot day. Set consisted of custom painted walls, double bed (custom painted), pvc piping suspended from roof with sheer curtains, rose bush props, & hand cut gold starburst wall decals.

Another Rainbow Ladies Shoot Day set, was this simple gold ornate table prop, with sheer curtains with gel lighting bounce back.

Circus Set created for AltShoot Shoot Day. Set consisted of hay bale flooring, hand made styrene podium box with custom painting, ladder suspended from room, custom pained wall, Hand made Diamond circus facia & props.

Micky mouse set designed for clients personal photoshoot. Set is made from aqua seamless backdrop paper with hand-cut Micky mouse cut-out and yellow seamless backdrop paper behind.

Moon set created for AltShoot Day. Basic set consisted of giant moon prop and black curtains & flooring.