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Luna Park Fun | Sydney Engagement Photographer

He was a punk, She did ballet… What more can I say?

Straight out of an Avril Lavigne song, imagine an edgy heavy metal musician & a burlesque performer only crossing paths briefly from time-to-time while performing at the same gigs. But it wasn’t until one fate-filled Soundwave in 2011 that they were finally introduced properly and there, was when their whirlwind romance began. Sharing a love of horror movies, heavy metal music & theme parks, they are heading to Thailand next month to finally tie the knot, and I couldn’t be happier for them!

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When we started discussing possible locations for the shoot, Luna Park popped up and we were all in love with the idea! Luna Park was a natural fit for these two adrenalin junkies, they love nothing more than travelling the world, taking on as many theme parks they can find… and their soon-to-be honeymoon is testament to that love, where they plan on knocking another off their list of must-do’s.

“Initially, we decided that we wouldn’t worry about getting any engagement photos.The engagement photos we’d seen of our friends or just online didn’t really feel like us. But when the suggestion of shooting at Luna Park came up, we knew we’d found someone that could capture us in a way that reflected us”

The shoot day had arrived, it was the last day of summer school holidays here in Sydney and we assumed everyone would be getting their kids ready for school. Right? There were uniforms to organise, pencil cases to fill and bags to pack…. But boy were we wrong. It seems we missed the memo about ‘bring your family to Luna Park Day’ and it was pumping!  Although somewhat challenging task to get shots without crowds in the background, it added to the fun & relaxed vibe that i know and love about this standout couple. 

I have know them for a while now & anyone would be forgiven for thinking they were already married… they just fit together so well and are the sweetest people you could even come across, the true embodiment of ‘couple goals’.